Robert Coshland

That’s me in the photo. It was shot by my friend Victor Lightworship. Photographers tend to be camera shy and I am certainly no exception.

I started taking photos with my father’s old 126 film camera in the days before the internet. I later borrowed his 35mm Nikkormat (which is what Nikon branded its non-professional cameras until 1978).

Most of my early photos were gothy and unnecessary but I taught myself composition and to shoot manually. I shot on film until the late 1990’s when I mistakenly assumed that digital photography was going to sweep the market the way CDs had crushed vinyl. I sold all of my film equipment and spent a few thousand on a 2.4 megapixel digital camera — that was a serious disappointment.

I decided to wait until digital cameras could match film cameras (and were somewhat affordable)…I didn’t get back into shooting until about 2007.